I’m glad that you visited my blog. On this site I talk about my journey for building a Dividend Growth portfolio with the purpose of supporting my life style in the far future.

I’m French and I’m 37 years old. I have a little boy and a lovely wife. Together we live in France. I enjoy running, soccer, investing, spending time with friends and of course, enjoying my little family. I’m commercial engineer in a company specialized in renewable energy.

Each month, I try to invest a reasonnable part of my salary in stock’s market. When I began, in 2011, I invested essentially in Bio/Medtech or speculative stocks. After this strategy, I bought “Value” companies, very discounted. These two strategies were not convincing and after a period of intense reflection, I opted for a strategy much closer to what I am and more in accordance with my availability. Since early 2017, I have been investing in dividend growth and my goal of maintaining this blog and document my journey to financial independence with this passive income strategy.

Investing is a great hobby and I like to do that. What is even better, it creates a passive incomes that can pay for expenses in the future.

For this year 2017, my objective is to set up my strategy and start building my portfolio around safe stocks that will form the basis of it. It’s the first step of my adventure!

Any advice on improving it is also more than welcome! I’m looking forward to your reactions!


Note: I write in English because in France the stock market investment is not popular. In English, I will more easily reach a population able to share and guide me in my investment choices.